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      42 Vicars Cross Road
  Five Element Acupuncture       Homeopathic Medicines  

Carl Reynolds Lic. Ac. MBAcc 
Five element acupuncture practitioner.
Registered member of British  Acupuncture Council.

Founding Member of the Zita West Fertility network with 20 years experience treating fertility. Acupuncture can be used for natural fertility or assisted fertility treatments.

Carl also works as a specialist fertility acupuncturist at the Reproductive Health Group.

Carl is also experienced treating sports injury, especially rugby sports injuries, tri-athelete sports injuries and martial arts sports injuries.

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Carol Reynolds L.C.H. M.C.H. RSHom.
Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths, in practice since 1995.

Homeopathy can be used by all the family.
Is safe to use in pregnancy and childbirth.
It can be used for babies and children.
Homeopathy treats physical and emotional symptoms. Homeopathic medicines are natural, safe and non-toxic.

In 2005 the World Health Organisation estimated that there were half a billion users of Homeopathy worldwide.

In 2011 the Swiss government analysis of all research on Homeopathy concluded that Homeopathy is safe, cost effective and should be included in their health service.

Call for a no obligation chat if you have any queries 01244-344131

The Society of Homeopaths website has plenty of easy to access information about Homeopathy and the research to support its use.

  British Acupuncture Council  

Zita West affiliated acupuncturist

  Society of Homeopaths  
  Carl and Carol also work at Cheshire Natural Health.  

Acupuncture for Fertility, Sports Injury & Back Pain -  Chester - Homeopathy for Childbirth & Pregnancy