Acupuncture, Chester

Acupuncture Treatments in Chester

Professional Acupuncturist Carl Reynolds Lic. Ac. MBAcc.

Carl is a Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine

Five Element Acupuncture has been successfully and safely used to help restore and improve health for centuries. A traditional view was that of rebalancing your energy. The success of Acupuncture now has been proved by science to stimulate your neural pathways, releasing natural pain relieving chemicals and stimulating your bodies natural immune response. This research has brought it out of the world of superstition and into modern medical practice. Many of our patients use acupuncture treatment to support their physical and emotional needs.

Carl has been working as an Acupuncturist in the North West of England since 1998. He brings a vast range of clinical experience to the benefit of his Chester and Warrington patients. He has successfully used acupuncture to help ease physical pain, overcome depression, aid fertility and improve general well being in a succession of happy patients.

Carl is a much sort after Acupuncturist who is specifically chosen for his depth of knowledge and understanding, having previously taught acupuncture at Oxford Brookes University for over ten years.

Treatment at the clinic involves taking a detailed case history from each new patient. This enables Carl to tailor the treatments to you and your needs. Classical Five Element acupuncture seeks to work with each patient and enhance their bodies natural ability to balance and restore health and wellbeing.

Traditional treatment may include, needling, cupping, manipulation and heat treatment alongside recommendations for nutrition and exercise. It will be bespoke to you!

Free 20 minute assessment

If you are unsure about receiving acupuncture you can call us and experience a free 20 minute assessment to see how acupuncture might help.